Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rains of Miracle at the Grand Finale of Isuikwuato 2019 Int'l Crusade



Isuikwuato and the whole Abians stood still today for Jesus as many born with deformed parts/organs received their freedom and danced around in jubilation to render encomium to this great God of the Chosen.

This God is indeed an impossibility specialist. He proved His power today at the Grand Finale of Isuikwuato Crusade. During Instant Miracle Session, these folks in the Photo below, who were born with different deformities and inborn errors of metabolism got their healings;

1. 11 years deaf and dumb healed instantly as God of Chosen stepped in.
2. 2 years stroke healed instantly.
3. 5 years born cripple healed instantly.
4. 4 years deaf and dumb healed instantly
5. 8 years deaf and dumb healed instantly.
6. 17 years chronic waist pain healed instantly.
7. 1 month partial stroke healed instantly.
8. 7 years broken bones healed instantly.
9. 3 years leg poison instantly healed.
10. 4 months stroke healed instantly.
11. 1 year and 7months stroke healed instantly.
12. 2 months arthritis healed instantly.
13. 3 months waist pain healed instantly.
14. 19 years spinal cord injury healed instantly.
15. 1year and 3months inability to walk healed instantly.

16. 7 years leg pains healed instantly.
17. 23 years leg poison healed instantly.
18. 1 year arthritis healed instantly.
19. 1 year and 8 months stroke healed.
20. 3 years accident induced waist pain healed.
21. 5 years stroke instantly healed.
22. 10 years stroke instantly healed.
23. 3 years spinal cord injury healed.
24. 7 years stroke instantly healed.
25. 15 months stroke healed.
26. 3 years Arthritis healed instantly.
27. 19 years stroke instantly healed.
28. 2 months waist and leg pain healed.
29. 5 years partial stroke healed instantly.
30. 3 months stroke healed instantly.
31. 24 years stiffness of the neck healed instantly.
32. 1 year partial stroke healed instantly.
33. 2 years waist pain healed instantly.
34. 5 years waist pain healed instantly.

35. 3 years hand and leg pain healed instantly.
36. 1 year and 6months spiritual attack healed instantly.
37. 4 years arthritis and inability to walk healed instantly.
38. 3 months stroke healed instantly.
39. 19 years partial blindness healed instantly.
40. 10 months stroke and arthritis healed instantly.
41. 9 years broken bones healed.
42. 7 years stroke instantly healed.
43. 5 years general body pain healed instantly
44. 7 years paralysis healed instantly.

45. 3 years Partial blindness healed instantly
46. 5 years constant urinating instantly healed.
47. 7 months arthritis healed instantly.
48. 5 years waist pain, diabetes and inability to walk healed instantly.
49. 2 months accident induced broken bones healed instantly.
50. 11 years inability to walk healed instantly
51. 6 months inability to stand or walk healed instantly.

Indeed, only God can do this.

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