Friday, 12 April 2019

Come and experience the Power of His Resurrection this Easter!


The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries Presents,  A 2-Day Power Packed Easter Retreat Titled,


Saints of God, it is that time of the year usually set aside to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Believers all of the globe commemorate this day to honour the highest sacrifice ever done.

Before now, men were far away from God because of the sins of Adam, no one could substitute this sins, the blood of animals were used but not potent enough to erase this error caused by Adam. It was Jesus, the son of the Living God who chose to use his blood to redeem mankind from the bondage of sin. God used Jesus' blood as covenant to bond us to himself and cement our relationship with him. Even since this sacrifice was done, man has been enjoying the benefits of salvation, good health, provision, prosperity and every good thing.

Come, let's Celebrate the Risen Christ this Easter and reflect over what He did for us! The God of the Bible days wants to Enter into a new Covenant with you this Easter, it is a Covenant which will Bring Peace and Blessing that will cancel every insult in your life and family, you shall laugh again after this programme in Jesus' name!

Come and experience the Power of His Resurrection!

Kindly save this details below and ensure you set a reminder;

Venue: Chosen Revival Ground, Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria. Or Any Chosen Branch nearest to you.

Date: Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st April, 2019.

Time : 8am Daily

Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Muoka.


Jesus Is Lord


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