Sunday, 13 January 2019

Put On Thy Beautiful Garment

Put On Thy Beautiful Garment

Sunday Combined Service 13/01/19 

Ministering: Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Text: Isaiah 52:1-5, Matthew 22:11-12, Ephesians 5:27, Rev 19:7-8


As we are drawing nearer to the wedding day in heaven above and the bridegroom is waiting to meet us. As a beautiful bride, we must make sure we put on beautiful/white garment of purity and righteousness, within and without.

Everyone, Chosen or believers that is waiting to be in this memorable event must prepare now so that he/she don't appear with dirty apparel. Everyone should appear with beautiful garment, those that will appear with strange or dirty garment, the Lord will punish them. No one with filthy garment shall be there on that day, Zechariah 3:3, Zephaniah 1:1-6, Isaiah 35:6 because it is the place of holiness, a place of purity. Be clean unto the Lord, so as to receive us, I pray that none of us shall be left behind. Revelation 9:9.



Every believer should know that our Father in heaven is a holy and righteous God. He is a perfect and pure God. There is no iota of sin in Him. Revelation 21:3, Jeremiah 12:1, Matthew 5:48. Heaven is a place full of glory 

Everyone wishing to make Heaven must have this in mind, heaven is holy. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the angels, 24 elders and everything in heaven is holy. There is no unholy thing there Matthew 25:31, Isaiah 6:1-3, God is described as a Holy Being, whenever the Lord appears, He appears in Glory showing He's full of holiness. 

Our beautiful garment is our purity, holiness within and without, Exodus 28:2, holiness is our beauty on that wedding day. 1 Thessalonians 5:23. So you have to be born again 1 Peter 1:16 Matt 2:11-13, put on Garment of purity inside and outside Rev 19:8-9 so that we will celebrate with Jesus in heaven. 

Remember, the Lord is coming for the church  that are saved, church without spot or wrinkle.  He is not coming to save sinners again. He has done that before, he is coming for the church that are saved, without spot or wrinkle. Eph 5:27.
He's coming for a glorious church - this is the church He will Rapture on that day.
You must take time to be holy, on daily basis, take time to search your life every moment.   Matt 5:8 Isaiah 35:8. It is a must for every true Chosen believer to be pure in order to make Heaven. Is 52:1-4,11.

Go away from every unrighteousness. Amend your ways and separate yourself. 


  Many people shall be disappointed on the last day. The reason being that they are not wise, they do not know that it is only sin that will disapprove them from making heaven. Zech 3:1 No one with filthy garment will be there, the Lord will rebuke them. Sin attract the devil, to claim the ownership of your soul. He is the Projector and originator of sin. 1 John 3:8. So, beware of this. 

Sin attracts reproach. Sin doesn't make for glory, purity and blessings. Sin brings disgrace, downfall, shame, and reproach. Pro 14:34. It brings death. Ezekiel 18:4. So you need to search your life. Joshua 7:11-12. Sin will make you to make you to miss heaven. Habakkuk 1:13. If you continue in sin. God Almighty will turn His eyes away from you. Daniel 1:9, Matthew 7:21, filthy garment is a sinful lifestyle and sinful garment. We need to make sure we maintain purity and not remain in sin. Leviticus 15:5-11. Move away from unclean things and touch them not. Search your life to make sure nothing is between you and God. Amos 4:11. Ensure to live the rest of your life in purity, ensure righteousness and holiness inside and outside. Holiness is our beauty, there will be sorrow and weeping if we don't have this garment. So, wear the garment of holiness, righteousness and purity.  Proverbs 3:9, Galatians 6:7.



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