Saturday, 29 September 2018

Instant Miracles In - God's Intervention In A Time Like This

Instant Miracles In - God's Intervention In A Time Like This 


Below are few of the Instant Miracle recorded on Day 1 of GOD'S INTERVENTION IN A TIME LIKE THIS:

1. 8 years born Deaf and Dumb - instantly healed.
2. 3 months inability to walk - instantly healed.
3. 2 years brain tumor and stroke sent packing.
4. 15 years instanity crushed.
5. 3 years partial blindness instantly healed.
6. 10 years leg and waist pain instantly rolled away.
7. 3 years spinal cord injury healed.
8. 3 months paralysis due to affliction healed.

9. 7 years knee cap injury instantly healed.
10. 12 years paralysis healed.
11. 2 years kidney failure and liver problem instantly healed.
12. 20 years born deaf and dumb healed.
13. 2 weeks ulcer rolled away.
14. 6 months poison healed instantly.
15. 1 year dislocation and fracture of thr bone healed.
16. 2 months demonic swelling of leg healed.
17. 1 year and 3 months stroke healed instantly.
18. 3 months inability to walk due to broken bones healed.
19. 5 months of kidney problem healed after prayers.
20. 1 week dislocation of the arm healed.
21. 5 months stroke instantly healed.
22. 7 years inability to walk due to affliction healed.
23. 1 year terrible pain rolled away instantly.
24. 2 years poison healed.
25. 6 yeras stroke healed.
26. 2 years paralysis and kidney failure healed.

Indeed, only God can do this.


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