Sunday, 19 August 2018

Instant Miracles At The Grand Finale Of #MLWC2018

Instant Miracles At The Grand Finale Of #MLWC2018 

Jesus was on hand during the Instant Miracle Session to liberate His people. His Healing Virtues flooded the lives of those who were taken with diverse diseases and torments. Below are some of the Instant Miracles recorded to God's Credit;
1. 17 years deaf and dumb healed.
2. 18 years deaf and dumb healed.
3. 5 months eye and waist pain healed.
4. 7 years leg pain healed.
5. 6 years partial stroke healed.
6. 7 years unable to walk healed.
7. 2 years leg pain healed.
8. 3 years stroke healed.
9. 2 years stroke healed.

10. 2 years unable to stand gone, now standing and walking 🚶 🚶 .
11. 1 year and 2 months body pain healed.
12. 3 years leg pain healed.
13. 3 months leg poison healed.
14. 6 years poison gone.
15. 8 years chronic arthritis healed.
16. 23 years deaf and dumb healed.
17. Unable to walk for many years healed.
18. 20 years deaf and dumb healed.
19. 14 years paralysis healed.
20. 1 year partial blindness healed.
21. 30 deaf healed.
22. 9 years Leg poison healed.
23. 2 week severe leg pain healed.
24. Cancer of the leg instantly healed.
25. 23 years deaf and dumb from birth healed.

26. 1 week Paralysis instantly healed.
27. 4 years madness gone.
28. 3 years broken bones instantly healed.
29. 1 year & 6 months unable to walk healed.
30. 6 years arthritis healed.

To God alone who is behind these miracles, we return all accolade to Him.

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