Monday, 30 July 2018

Youth International Programme 2018

Youth International Programme 2018

Another great awakening Youth programme is around the corner. This time around, it is coming in a massive way and the Lord Himself has decided to appear to the youth with the theme;


Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Name: Bro Christian Obinna
Joined Chosen in the year 2015.

Our Brother testified on Tuesday Revival hour morning session of how God of Chosen delivered him from the hands of the ritualists on his way to leader's vigil on Wednesday night after which he planned joining Brethren to travel to Edo State Crusade the following morning. He said on his way to Ijesha, getting to Sanya Bus Stop, he saw a Jeep packed at the road side and immediately two men came out from the Jeep, rushed him inside the Jeep and drove off.

He said he was blind folded and couldn't recognise his immediate environment, but he immediately remembered who he was, he quickly declared "I AM A CHOSEN" 3times and immediately a voice ministered to him "that the battle is not his but of the Lords" he said not too long the tyres of the Jeep bursted and the car stopped over.

It was at that instance that the driver was struggling with car but before then one of the ritualists told them to let him go after he declared whom he was, he said I don't want this Chosen people wahala but others insisted, while they were still struggling with the Jeep, Angels of the living God who appeared in the uniform and attire of men of the Nigerian Armed Forces on patrol stopped over at the scene and the driver of the Ritualists who was trying to escape was fired dead by the trigger happy armed Angels and the Angels asked them to open the fold used in covering his eyes.

 One of them (the angel in a military apparel) took him across the road and put him on a bike, that was how he was taken to Ijesha that midnight free of charge to the glory of God.

That was how our brother escaped from the purported attack and kidnap from the enemies of Christ Jesus.

This is also in confirmation of our Daddy's Command to always declare who we are especially whenever we're confronted with dangers and difficult situations on the way and the dangers will give way immediately without delay.

Chosen Praise the Lord!

Jesus is Lord!

From the Stables of Chosen Online Media Crew, International Headquarters, Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria.


Monday, 16 July 2018

Massive Crowd Hits Edo State Chosen Crusade

Massive Crowd Hits Edo State Chosen Crusade

The just concluded crusade of the moment - #Edo2018 crusade titled; 'GOD HAS POWER TO DO THIS OR THAT' really pulled crowd. It was massive and large in all proportion. People trooped out in their thousands to honour God's invitation at UBTH, Open Field, Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Sunday, 15 July 2018


During the course of the programme - #Edo2018, little showers came and our beloved Daddy in the Lord instructed everyone to come out under the rain. He commanded the rain to turn to miracles. Incredible things unfolded. One of them is the man on the picture below. His cases are below;

He was diagnosed with ulcer, hotness of the body and Kaposi's sarcoma (KS).
"Kaposi sarcoma is a type of cancer that can form masses in the skin, lymph nodes, or other organs. The skin lesions are usually purple in color. They can occur singularly, in a limited area, or be widespread. It may worsen either gradually or quickly. Lesions may be flat or raised. Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8) is found in the lesions of all those who are affected. Risk factors include poor immune function, either as a result of disease or specific medications, and chronic lymphedema."

While the prayer and rain lasted a while, God worked wonders in his life. All the notable symptoms associated with his ailments fled because Jesus the Greatest Physician ever known in the history of men was in the field of the event. He's now totally free to the glory of God.

Praise the Lord!




How God Miraculously Saved My Child From Drowning In a Well Filled With Water:

Bro Demian Lugbu from Edo State who joined Chosen in 2012 testified of how God of chosen miraculously saved his child who fell into a well filled with water in their resident No 4 Culvert Road, Uromi.

It happened that on that faithful day, his daughter fell into a well and the older child noticed what happened and raised an alarm.
The neighbours rushed to the scene of the incident and miraculously, God suspended the girl in water and she didn't drown. They were able to rescue her from the well with the use of a ladder.

Secondly, in the year 2013, armed robbers visited his apartment. This happened at 2am, they knocked on the door, his wife enquired to know who was knocking at that time of the night. They responded they were 'fine boys'. After that response, they forced the door open and came in with their guns.

Immediately, he grabbed the Chosen Apron near him and began declaring 'I am a Chosen' thrice, according to our G.O's instruction each time we're faced with danger that we should declare that.
The thrives shot their gun at him and his wife, but the gun didn't respond.

He went after them as they took off. He pursued them and they all ran away.
Upon return from the pursuit, they realized that the robbers had robbed all 13 of their neighbors and even locked them indoors.
His wife opened up all the locked doors and let out all their neighbors.

They observed that the thieves had abandoned the stolen belongings of their neighbors just beside the his doorstep.
As day broke, they went ahead to report the case to Uromi Police station.

Praise the Lord!

From the stables of Online Revivalist Media Crew, Edo State.




The Miracles of God in Chosen cannot be explained in men's term. He does things that is beyond mortal comprehension. His miracles stands the test of time and they are perfect adding no sorrow with it. A case below had gone beyond human remedy but as the God of this Great Commission swung into action, succor was given to this family. It's a thing of joy to be enlisted in this family.

Now the testimony;

Bro Alex Omojiade testified that in year 2015, his wife conceived and developed swollen leg.
At first, it was thought to be a normal pregnancy symptom, but even after delivery, the leg kept swelling. Shortly after, the leg bursted and his wife could no longer walk was in excruciating pains.

He then began to move her wife from one specialist to another with no solution in sight.
At some point, the doctors suggested amputating the leg, but they didn't acquiesce to that. This ailment drained all the family income and even closed down their business.

They finally moved to a hospital near their home, and there the Chosen Evangelical team came visiting, they told our bro that the solution can only be gotten in Chosen and further invited them to crusade in 2015 in Portharcourt

He agreed and conveyed his wife from hospital to the crusade ground. There in the program, the G.O mentioned their case and shortly after, he mounted the pulpit. Immediately his wife started walking, something she hadn't done in the past 12 years since the sickness started.

She received perfect healing in that crusade and has been using her legs to walk.
The people at the hospital were marveled when they returned and saw her walking.

The testimony didn't end there, his wife found it difficult to conceive during those 12 years because of load of drugs she took while she was sick.
However, they joined Chosen after that crusade, that yoke was broken and his wife conceived and bore children.
He also mentioned that before now they had lost 3 children to the cold hands of death after delivery.
But after joining Chosen, that yoke also was broken and today they have four children who are alive and healthy.
That yoke of losing children after delivery had been broken by God of Chosen.

Do you have similar case? Yours might be worse than this but one thing is certain. God that has power to do this or that who remembered this family and made their homes to be filled with babies will remember you and make your family rejoice. Cries of babies will be heard in your home in Jesus name.

From the stables of Online Revivalist Media Crew Edo State.




Here comes the Grand Finale of the Crusade of the Moment - 'GOD HAS POWER TO DO THIS OR THAT' happening live @ UBTH, Open Field, Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State.

Yesterday, we saw how the Lord came in swiftly with His Glorious Wind of Power to liberate the impotent folks who has been in the clink of the enemies for many years. The beneficiaries of God's magnanimity received their healing with ease, there was no struggle at all. God's awesome power was present at every stage of the program to work on His people and heal them.

Today promises to showcase God's excellent power in another dimension. We implore you to key in with great expectations. Our big God will bless you with His Biggest and Exquisite Blessings.

N/B: You can watch the Live streaming of the program on

Jesus Is Lord!



78 Instant Miracles At The Grand Finale Of #Edo2018

78 Instant Miracles At The Grand Finale Of #Edo2018

Instant Miracle Session at the Grand Finale of this epoch making event was all shades of glory. Unimaginable miracles were sighted everywhere. God's move has never been seen like this before. It was harvest of miracle. It came as showers upon the participants. The deaf heard, the dumb spoke, the blind saw, the lame walked, terminal diseases of varying degrees were totally expatriated.

Saturday, 14 July 2018


Photo speaks of the Executive Governor of Edo State - Hon Godwin Obaseki, ably represented by Pastor Eghosa Omoruyi - Senior Special Assistant on Christian Religious Matters





Indeed, God of Chosen has shown his power to do this or that in the life of our sister, Sis Florence Dele.

Hers is a testimony of the yoke of barrenness that was broken in Chosen. This condition lasted for 10 years and 7 months. She had been to different places in search of a solution but all to no avail.

Subsequently, she was invited to Chosen by her brother. She honored that invitation in year 2017 and was visited by God of Chosen. Today, she is the happy mother of a bouncing baby boy.

Her testimony has also served as a means of visitation to others. Her friend who saw her miracle asked her for the source of her miracle and she responded accordingly. This friend of hers had also been under the yoke of barrenness for 25 years.

She invited her friend to Chosen and just after two weeks of visiting the Chosen, she received her miracle. She is currently heavy with her child.

She is encouraging others seeking this type of miracle to stay put in Chosen, their miracle would locate them soonest.

Praise the Lord!



The revival train of Chosen has finally landed in Edo State after ten years. The people of the land has been earnestly anticipating this great visit and God of this Great Commission has decided to smile on them today. It is the day that the One who has Power to do this or that, the Miracle Worker, The Iron Breaker, The Wonder Working God, The Ocean Divider, Precious Daddy even the God of Chosen has decided to wrought His wonders of old in Edo land. His wonders of old shall be replicated in a greater measure today.

We kindly implore you to connect to this programme with big expectations. Our Big God will surprise you with bigger miracles today.

N/B: You can watch the Live streaming of this program on

Jesus Is Lord!



Harvest Of Miracles In Edo 2018 Crusade

Harvest Of Miracles In Edo 2018 Crusade 

Crusade of the moment, #Edo2018 was packed with signs and wonders. God's manifest presence was validated by signs and wonders as recorded in the scriptures. The deaf heard, the dumb spake, the lame walked. To be candid, diverse maladies of varying degrees were totally jettisoned.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How God delivered my husband from the recent Plateau attack

How God delivered my husband from the recent Plateau attack: 

Sis Peace and Bro Jude who joined Chosen in the year 2010 and stays in Kofar Sauri Area in Katsina town of Katsina State, Nigeria is appreciating the Lion of the Tribe of Judah for sparing her husband from being killed in the recent and outrageous crisis that happened in Plateau State of Nigeria.

She testified that her husband was in one of the rooms that was set ablaze by the enemies of Jesus Christ, he called the wife and explained in brief the condition he's presently into and our Sister prayed over it immediately at the feet of our master Jesus Christ and powers as of old, the power that brought down fire from above during the days of Elijah and Prophets of Baal came down and changed the ugly situations.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Pastor Lazarus Muoka Visits Edo State


The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Edo State presents a 2-Day International Crusade Titled;



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