Saturday, 31 March 2018

Easter Retreat 2018, Theme: God's Covenant Of Peace And Blessing (Part 1)

TEXT: 2 chronicles 15:1 - 12, 15, 19, Mathew 6:33, Mathew 11:28, John 16:33

Our God being our creator is the master of all things, the father of all (Genesis 1:1, Psalms 24:1, Psalms 115:16, Psalms 121:1), the creator of heaven and earth (Colossians 1:16 - 17); he is the giver of life and peace, the giver of all things. God is unlike any person or community, without God there will be no real blessing or peace. 

When there is no presence of God in a family, society or county; there will be dispute, confusion and war. But when we enter into covenant with God in all our heart there will be peace (2 Chronicle 15: 1 - 6).

 Maybe what you’re going through now God allowed it because of the broken relationship between you and God, but I assure you as you enter into covenant today with God; those pain or trouble will be no more (2 Chronicle 15:12). 

He will never disappoint as many who will enter into covenant with him, there shall be restoration of life, peace and blessings (Joel 2: 22 - 26, John 10:10, 2 Chronicle 7: 13 - 15, Jeremiah 29:11 - 14, Ezekiel 34:25 - 26)


When it is clear that our relationship with God is broken, at such time there is need to rush to God and enter into covenant with him (2 Chronicles 7:13 - 14, 2 Chronicles 15:1 - 6). 

When we start experiencing evil and misfortunes; In such situation we must return to the Lord. when there is bad situations like poverty, sicknesses, diseases, failures; we should no that God is not happy with us, it is time to seek the lord with all your heart. 

We must not run to a place where there is no solution; we must run to our maker in the time of trouble (Isaiah 17:7  - 😎, He is the one that has the solution to all our problem (Psalm 121: 1 - 2, Isaiah 45:22).

When you found things working contrary in you life or family, we should know that the enemy has stepped in because God has turned away (Mathew 13:24 - 28), when this happen we should not waste time to turn to God (Genesis 32:24 - 29, Psalm 62:11. Jeremiah 32:27, Isaiah 43:10 - 13). 
We should call upon God in prayer in time of trouble and God will defeat the devil for us (2 Corinthians 10:3 - 6, Joel 2:25 - 26, Ezekiel 34:25 - 26). 
After this program there shall be showers of blessings.


Everyone invited to this crusade should understand that it is only God that is capable of breaking every yoke, without him we can do nothing (John 15:5). Remember the story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17:45 - 50, Exodus 14:13 - 14). no matter the situation in your life or whom that is threatening you; we must report the person to our God through prayers (1 Peter 5:7). 
No body can have advantage over you anymore, we cannot talk about permanent peace without the lord (2 Chronicles 15: 12, 19).

 Many children of Israel relied upon God in everything and made heaven at last and God blessed them with all things (Genesis 24:1, Psalms 23:1, Philippians 4: 13, 19), thinks about Elijah, Daniel, the three Hebrew children; let us rely upon God and he will see us through in Jesus name. 

Let make peace with God and man and peace will always follow us (Romans 8:31 - 32, 2 Chronicle 7: 13 - 15). As we amend our ways; God will hear our prayers (1 Corinthians 3:21, Luke 10: 19). Let us all enter into covenant with God to seek him with all our heart, as we do so; God will enter into covenant of peace and blessings with us in Jesus name.

By Pastor Lazarus Muoka, The General Overseer of The Lord's Chosen

Charismatic Revival Ministries

Video: Watch full message below

Video/ Photos: Harvest Of Miracles And Healing At The Lords Chosen Easter Retreat 2018, Day 1


It was harvest of healing today at The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries international headquarters Lagos, as dozens of folks received their instant miracle and healing during the Easter Retreat. Below are some of the Instant miracles and healings.

1. Bro. Muasu Garba: 5 years deaf and dumb healed

2. Bro Maululi Afealety (from Ghana): 14 years paralysis healed

3. Sis. Kehinde: 17 years deaf and dumb from birth healed

4. Sis Angelina Kindston: 1 year affliction healed

5. Bro. Peter Nwankwo: 9 years paralysis healed

6. Bro Friday Okeke: 10 months paralysis healed

7. Bro. Peter Ike: 4 years inability to walk healed

8. Bro Geoffrey: 4 years bedridden and inability to walk healed

9. Bro. Noah Jodila: 2 and the half years stroke healed

10. Bro. Cypril Ani: 3 months spinal cord healed

11. Sis. Igwe: 2 weeks stroke healed

12. Bro. Elyon asolo:1 week and 1 day inability to walk healed

13. Sis. Praise: 1 week stomach problem healed

14. Bro. Celestine Alugom: 2 years stroke healed

15. Bro. Godwin: chronic waist pain healed

16. 11 years rheumatism healed

17. 1 and half years stroke healed

18. 3 years affliction of the leg healed

19. 1 year affliction and inability to walk healed

20. 7 years affliction and inability to walk healed

Watch Video Of The Instant Testimonies Here:


Friday, 30 March 2018


My name is Pastor Oliver Amaechi, I joined this great ministry in 2004. One fateful morning, I and my other four brethren were travelling from Port Harcourt to Lagos for the Pastor's Easter meeting. On reaching to shagamu, a thought came to me that if I die now what will become of my wife and family?

 As I had the ministration, I vehemently rebuked the thought and declared who I am, all of sudden, the front tyre bursted, I started struggling with the car steering and the car somersaulted and eventually stopped.

By the grace of God, the five of us came out of the car alive with just a little scratch on my hand.

People around there were surprised as we all came out alive and they praised the God that did it for us.They said, "it was a great miracle because that particular spot the accident happened no one survives there."

To the Holy One of Israel, the Defender of the defenceless even the God of Chosen, I return every encomium and accolades to Him alone who spared us all.

From the stables of Online Revivalist Media Crew.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Bro Uche and Sis Nkiruka Ehirim are appreciating God of Chosen for breaking the yoke of 6 years barrenness in their marriage and blessed them with a baby girl .

This testimony came after the program of Sorrow to Joy in 2017. There in the program, the G.O mentioned her case and made a declaration that the yoke is broken and she had already conceived right on that ground.

Shortly after that, she took in and is now delivered of a baby named Sis Chiemeire Rejoice Ehirin.

Are you an expectant mother? Have you been dubbed 'barren womb'? Have people mocked you because of child bearing?The Only Good God who remembered our sister and exchanged barrenness of 6 years for a bouncing baby girl will visit you very shortly. Your testimony is the next to be published in Jesus name

Praise the Lord!

Submitted by Online Revivalist Media Editors, Lagos State Chapter.

Monday, 26 March 2018



Recall that in our last publication, we appreciated God on behalf of our brother in kaduna State who scored an aggregate of 312 out of 400 in the recently released Jamb Results.
As we're still celebrating God's doing in the life of that our brother, a new record has emerged from our member, a student of Chosen International Secondary School Festac Lagos, who outshined the previous record by emerging with an aggregate score of 319 out of 400 in the recently released Jamb Results.

Saturday, 24 March 2018



The governor spoke when the Founder of the LORDS CHOSEN Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka visited him on courtesy call at the Government House, with other leaders of the church on Friday, March 23, 2018, to inform the governor that his Church has come to establish a World-Class University in the state.

The governor also directed that land should be allocated to the Church immediately for that purpose and also gave the Church Ten Million Naira (N10m) to enable them clear the site of the intended University, with the governor stating that for the seventh (7th) time, the state has continued to lead in JAMB applications with wide margin.

He noted that in 2018 for instance, the state also topped the JAMB application chart with 92,980 applications and added that out of this number, it would be surprising to see more than five thousand applicants having admissions into the universities because of certain policies and grossly limited slots.

The governor remarked that since 2012, the state has been recording between 131,000 and 92,000 applications in JAMB to be leading in that regard, but regretted that the number that is always given admissions would always be like a pin thrown into an ocean, and that is why the state needs as many universities as possible to offer these young ones the much needed admissions.

The governor said that education is the biggest industry in the state and assured Pastor Muoka that the state would support the church to ensure that the university is started and finished for academic activities to begin.

In his speech earlier, the leader of the LORDS CHOSEN Church, Pastor Muoka told the governor that they want to start the University and complete it without delay and asked for the support of the state government.

He commended what he described as the amazing transformation of the state especially, the State Capital by the governor and the Rescue Mission Government in the state.
He prayed that God would continue to use the governor for the good of the State and the society at large.


By the Special grace of God, My Names are Bro Ifeanyichukwu Martin Nnagbo. I joined Chosen in the year 2005. I am a pastor in the Republic of Angola. I want to return all glories to the rock of ages, the wonder working God of Chosen for how he delivered me from family bondage, limitations and abject poverty which have eaten deep into my Joy as a man.

The Lord has turned my life around for good in all ramification of human endeavors and making everything I lay my hands, working for my good.

It happened that our Daddy G. O called for Partnership with God of the Chosen of which I rushed out with joy in my heart because I have been waiting for it for a very long time and I joined the first set of people which was to be paying a sum of a #10,000 monthly. Not only that I came out to pledge, I decided to go extra miles by pledging a Hundred and Twenty thousand Naira (#120,000) for a year, of which I redeemed the next day being Monday.

After redeeming that pledge, the spirits of death left me, because the evil spirit of death have been working against my family to the extent that in my father's house, nobody lives to finish his project, everybody always stop on the way either in the foundation level or building level, but God of Chosen made my own case to be different because I am a Chosen.

Today, I was able to complete a two (2) storey building with thirty (30) flats in it and God of Chosen made me a landlord of thirty (30) tenants. When my brothers who couldn't complete theirs saw what God did for me, they were asking me how manage and I told them is God of Chosen in action, because some of them started their own building since fifteen years ago but they couldn't finish it, the other one started  his own 12 year ago he couldn't  finish it, another one, 8 years ago and also none of them have completed their project. I told them it's God of Chosen in action and that Power has changed hand in my life. Brethren, I have been going to Churches for solutions to my problems but no solution seem coming as this wicked demonic powers couldn't go out of my life but immediately I joined Chosen, God proved his power in my life and all the afflictions and troubles of life varnished away from my life.

I want to speak to you our there, may be you have been looking for solutions to your life challenges through the back doors, bring them to the feat of our lord Jesus Christ in Chosen, no matter the problems, God will break the yoke as he did to me in Jesus name.

 My prayers for my Beloved Daddy G. O, and all the Chosen Pastors worldwide is that God should give them spirit of boldness, empower them and strengthen them more and more and I pray heaven at last to all the Chosen families in Jesus name.

Chosen is blessed!

Submitted By Chosen Online Media Crew Lagos

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Bro Paul Ogin, who joined Chosen in the year 2011 is returning all glories to the only good God of the ages, the God of seasons, the precious daddy, the God of the Chosen, baba Ijesha, for exposing enemies purported plans in his life and that of his families.

Our brother testified that last Saturday's night was a night of divine encounter between the gates of hell and the powers of old.

According to him, at about the midnight hours of Saturday, he choose to make supplications to God and to hand over his new apartment to the glorification of the name of the most high God.

After about awhile, when the spiritual affairs became hot for the dwelling of the devil and his agents, he suddenly started hearing some strange sound like that of the popular Nightingale demonic bird.
He wasn't touched because he knew the lord is up to do something, instead he entered into another realm of the prayer.

He then paused to check what the issue was when the sound became uncalled for, he saw a strange pussycat fell down from the ceiling to the parlour.
Our brother said he immediately confronted the cat, who then engaged him in a physical combat.
It was at this opposite reaction, that our brother knew that the cat was not an ordinary one.
He then called on this great God of Chosen, the God of the season, whose power as of old always manifest whenever his children are confronted with challenges, to intervene.

Our brother said he advanced like the courageous David when he met Goliath on battle front, and he continually fought the cat until the cat ran into the inner room, and our brother had to evacuate his family from the room, and the fight continued. It got to a stage where God of Chosen gave our brother an upper hand and he had to hit the cat on the head and it died immediately.

In his speech, he said what baffled him was that, immediately he hit the cat on the head, he heard a voice from his neighbourhood shouting in Yoruba dialect, saying 'Ori mi O! Ori mi O!! Ori mi O!!!
Iya Ibo ti pami O!!!! meaning, 'My head! My head!! My head!!! Ibo woman has killed me!!!!.

He said he didn't care who was shouting even within himself, he knew what the issue could be.
He is returning all the glories and encomiums to the only good God, for giving him miraculous victory over enemies of his families.
Brethren, just last Sunday, our God through his dedicated servant organized a mini crusade across all our State Headquarters, Nationwide  with the title "They Shall Not Escape".
This is just the confirmation of what God released in the program through the word of his servant.
Truly, if God be for us, Nobody, not even the Satan can be against us!
Chosen is blessed!

Submitted By Chosen Online Media Crew TheLords Chosen Osun State

Monday, 19 March 2018


It's just an eight (8) year's anniversary since the inception of the Lord's Chosen International Secondary School, Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria, popularly known as CHISS, a world Class standard International School well equipped with both spiritual and academic environment, where students are well groomed through the programs that will help in both their spiritual, academic, physical fitness, and socioeconomic well being of lives.

Programs such as sports competition, quiz, debates, Bible challenges, match past, talks and lots more were always future on each year's anniversary celebration of the School.

This year's own wasn't an exception, as the Lord's Chosen Secondary School, Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria, took their sporting activities to a height Worthy of note.

This year's event which took place at the Lord's Chosen International Secondary School (CHISS), Oguta, Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria, on Saturday, the 17th day of March, 2018, witnessed high turn out of sport lovers, invitees, and dignitaries who came in their numbers to grace the event.

They include;

Pastor. Lazarus Muoka, the Founder and General Oversee of the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, the fastest growing Church in the World, ably represented by Pst Amaechi Agbakoba, who's the State Pastor, The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Church, Imo State Headquarters; the Honorable Commissioner for Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Imo State ably represented by Hon. Anaele Cyril, who's the Director of School Sports, Ministry of Education, Imo State; Pastor. Emma Chijioke, the Administrative Head, Chosen Group of School; Bro. Albert Muoka, a member of the church council; Honorable. Wilson, Chairman Oil and Gas Limited, Bayelsa State; Mrs. I.C, Head of Department, Grassroot Sports Department, Imo State; etc.

Addressing the guests and invitees in his speech, Hon. Anaele, who represented the Commissioner for Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Imo State, said that he was elated to be in the program as he was pleased with the great feat achieved by the school in just an eight (8) years anniversary, he also added that so far, so good Chosen International Secondary School has been seen as the best in Imo State in terms of both academic, spiritual, socioeconomic and moral upbringing of the future leaders with Sport been rate high.

He said;

Amongst all the Secondary Schools in Imo State, we have selected just three (3) Schools and Chosen International Secondary School is number one.

We have selected Chosen International Secondary School not just as a center where all Schools will come together for training, but also, that Chosen International Secondary School will be a representative of Imo State when it comes to do with sports.

Recall, that it was always said that, all works without play makes Jack a dull boy.
Sports has been proved beyond every reasonable doubts to contribute to the development of both the psychomotor skills domain, needed much to ease depression and provide the body with the needed response to the body's metabolic activities.

Chosen Secondary School has not only been teaching our Students how to read and write, but has contributed so much in the quest to maintain our students body homeostasis which has helped them to adapt to their academic environment and equally boasted their urge to learning and excelling in their different academic activities in the school.

What are you Waiting for, you parents out there?

Send your wards to the Chosen International Secondary School, Mgbidi Imo State, Nigeria, and watch them grow in God's Providence.
Be blessed!

Submitted by: Chukwuemeka Nelson, Etim Smart and Victor C. Anozie
 Chosen Online Media Crew TheLords Chosen Imo State



Behold the Magnificent newly built Altar of Thelord Chosen Fct Abuja .
Looking at this alter, you don't need to pray much, all your problem will be solved.

You see you?, in this altar God will never offer you sorry but will offer you solution.

Submitted by Chosen Online Media Crew FCT-Abuja


By the special grace of God, my name is Bro Thompson Christian Chibuzor. I worship in Kaduna state headquarters of The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries.

By the special grace of God, I want to return all the glories to the only good God of excellence, whom out of his grace and promises to his children, to make us the first and not the last in all our endeavors, made me at my first sitting, one out of the 5th person's to make the highest score in the recent 2018 Jamb examination across the federation.

Brethren, God gave me a miracle which was unmerited to me because immediately I heard, that the results has been released, I doubted my possibilities of crossing the cut off mark of 160.

I immediately remembered the word of our pastor, who always say and command that Chosen are first class in everything they do, I summoned courage, and  then proceeded to a nearby cyber café to check mine.

Lo!, and behold, I miraculously scored a 309 in my result.

I want to speak to you out there who have been asking God for the same miracle, the same God who did it to me, will visit you at that your academic difficulties and grant your heart desires according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Recall that the highest Jamb or UTME score for 2018 was 321, which means our brother was among the top 10% of candidates that got the highest mark, our brother remains faithful to the God of Chosen for his mercies and granting him the grace to achieve this feat. Writing Jamb once and being among the top scorers is something worth celebrating, owing to the fact that it's not easy and some even spend years writing Jamb.

I wish all the chosen and all our pastors heaven at last in Jesus name Amen.

Submitted by Chosen Online Media Crew, Kaduna State

Chosen Praise the Lord.

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