Martins Meek's False Claims On Pastor Lazarus Muoka Exposed! By Pst. Ebi Nurseman Isaac

Martins Meek's False Claims On Pastor Lazarus Muoka Exposed! By Pst. Ebi Nurseman Isaac


If you read Acts 18:24-26, you will discover seven (7) characteristics of brother Apollos of Alexandria.
(1) Eloquent in speaking.
(2) Mighty in scriptures.
(3) Instructed in the way of the Lord.
(4) Fervent in spirit.
(5) Spoke diligently the things of the Lord.
(6)Taught diligently the things of the Lord
(7) Knew only the baptism of John.
But in verse 26, it says,  Aquila and Priscilla having discovered that Apollos was not balanced in the ways of God, took him to themselves and “EXPOUNDED THE WAY OF THE LORD MORE PERFECTLY TO HIM”
As I took time to study you, your Christian life and activities, it is similar to that of brother Apollos that requires people like Aquila and Priscilla who are well grounded and balanced in the word and ways of God to expound unto you the ways of God MORE PERFECTLY.

Though Apollos was not named brother 'Meek' yet he was meek in spirit and very  humble in heart and received the expository and balanced teachings of the ways of God from Aquila and Priscilla hence, he did not crash in his Christian journey and service and was able to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for his life. Psalm 25: 9 says " The meek will he guide in judgement: and the meek will he teach his ways" If you have concluded in your heart and life that YOU KNOW IT ALL and that you don’t need any teaching, counseling, instruction and rebuke from God’s word  (2 Tim. 3:16,17),  then you may disregard what I am about telling you aimed at correcting your wrong perception on the ways of God, misleading information and false claims about The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries  and the General Overseer.
I would have done this one on one, but I deliberately decided to use this same social media you choose to spread your false claims and perception of God’s ways.

One of the favorite scriptures of John Wesley, Founder of The Methodist Church and Holiness Preacher which forms scriptural basis of his dealings with very critical and  controversial people within and outside his ministry was Proverbs 26:4,5 which says in  vs 4    “Answer not a fool according to his folly; lest thou also be like unto him. vs 5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit"
*Your claim of the church cheating on your 'Intellectual Property' is false and misleading. This is because you rightly posted in your Facebook page the Letter of Authority Daddy G.O. gave you authorizing Press/ Information and other Departments in the Church to release his messages, teachings, Videos/ Cassettes, Pictures etc in their custody to enable you compile his works into booklet form is a self revealing fact Daddy G.O. owns the    'Intellectual Property' and not you. Beside, you clearly stated on page 1 of the book titled: "Mark My Words" "This Book 'Mark my Words' is a compilation of statements and prophetic declarations of Pastor Lazarus Muoka, General Overseer of The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries".  *Let me also correct this your false claim that the  title of the book " Mark my Words" originated from you. From the inception of this ministry till today and till tomorrow Daddy G. O. under the influence and unction of Holy Spirit while preaching or teaching will make prophetic declarations and immediately will tell the audience to "Mark his words, write the day, hour and minute that God Who confirmeth the words of His servant will definitely bring them to pass" Even a week old member of the Church knows this.
*Your claim that the Church is not paying for your printing  work is  false because you do submit quotations and you are being paid for the cost even though most of the time you went ahead to print more than the required copies you were told to print.
*You said you are the one writing for Daddy G.O.  This is also false because you only did a compilation of  G.O’s messages into a booklet form and  declarations/ Crusade Themes to stickers. You have not and cannot write a book on your own and use Daddy G.O.s  name as the author. Remember,  before those two or three books you compiled from the works of the G.O, the Chosen Press/Information Department has compiled the messages of Daddy     G.O. into about 23  books and published them. These include:
(1) 'Missing the Focus and Marring the Future'
(2) Warning! God will Destroy Humanity Again'
(3) 'It is Done'
(4) 'Word War'
(5) Ultimate Cure for HIV/Aids'
(6) 'Signs and Wonders of the Age'
(7) 'Marrying God's Will'
(8)'Time of God's Visitation'
(9) 'That Yoke Must Break'
(10) "... And The Enemies Submitted'
(11) 'You are Free'
(12) 'The Finger of God' just to mention a few. Beside, the Chosen Printing Press on weekly basis  publishes  G O.'s messages,  and the  miracles, signs and wonders recorded during his ministrations in about three different magazines. Mr. Martins, are you saying that those brethren in the Press/ Information Department who are compiling the works of Daddy G O. into books and also recording the testimonies of God of Chosen and publishing them in Chosen magazines will lay claim of intellectual property? How about  those in video department, sound/recording section recording the G.O’s messages into video tapes, VCDs and cassettes, are they going to lay claim on intellectual property?  What of brethren in Press/Information Department who are busy editing messages of the G.O and publishing them in book form? Would they also tell the world they are owners of the books and demand to share percentage of profit?

Are you telling the world that those 40 men God used to compile His words to make up the Old and New Testament that we now have  as the Holy Bible would go and tell God they are the owners of the Bible? In Jeremiah 36:1-4 we are told , "...Then Jeremiah called Baruch the son of Neriah: and Baruch wrote from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the Lord, which he had spoken unto him upon a roll of a book' Baruch did same after the wicked king Jehoiakim had burnt the roll - the word of God yet we did not read of Baruch claiming  Intellectual Property from prophet Jeremiah. Jer.36:27-28. We did not read of Baruch railing accusations or speaking evil of Jeremiah ( 2 Peter 2:10-22; Jude vs 8-13) Mr. Martins, let us even assume you are treated badly in the church ( which is not true in this your case in all ramifications) what is the application of 1 Peter 4:12-19 in your life? Instead of being unscriptural in your actions against the Lord's Chosen C.R.M. and Daddy G O., why not exhibit your talent of writing outside the Lord's Chosen C.R.M ( without attaching anything relating to the Lord's Chosen and Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer) and make money since the world is too big for you to showcase your talents. Let me assure you that no amount of media attack can hinder or stop the revival in the Lord's Chosen because,
(1) The Lord's Chosen C.R.M. is founded on Jesus Christ - the Rock and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. Matthew 16:18
(2) Governments in all nations of the world,  General Overseers, friends  and enemies alike all know this fact in their hearts that God's calling and super abundance anointing and grace  is upon Pastor Lazarus Muoka  and that he preaches the truth of God's word of holiness without fear or favour and without love of money.( 1Kings 22:16) That is why in secret and open he ( Daddy G.O.) will not allow people who made money in illegal means and those not following the teachings on God's word  to pay tithes and offerings or sponsor the work of God in the Lord's Chosen C. R.M. *Let me also clear this your erroneous belief that because few out of millions of members does things contrary to God's word or offend you in the church does not in any way make Daddy G.O. not a man of God. God Almighty Himself regretted creating human beings (Genesis 6:5,6) Jesus Christ - God the Son chose 12 disciples yet there was one Judas Iscariot. Jesus allowed him to work with Him though He constantly warned him to repent but he refused until he died and went to hell fire. (Jn. 6:70,71;12:6;  13:27; Matt. 26:21-25 ) No member or leader in the church has the right to teach the General Overseer how to deal with present days Judas Iscariots in the church.(John 21:20-22)  We should know that some unbelieving believers, workers and leaders are allowed by God to stay in the church to test and prove the acclaimed Christian virtues, fruits of the spirit and commitment of   so-called Christians. As I conclude, may I also ask you these penitent questions:
(1) Are you the one giving the themes, topics of all the messages the G.O uses on Sunday worship services, Thursday Counselling Services, Tuesday Revival hour, Wednesday New Comers Service,  Saturday Workers' Meeting/ Bible Study, Crusades, Leaders’ Conferences etc? It is a well known fact Daddy writes messages every day in so much that he is  struggling with time to preach them to us. Sometimes in Leaders' Conference, he planned to preach 50 messages he has written for one particular conference but for time constraint, he may preach not up to half.
(2) Are you the one writing the introduction and the  content- points for the G.O?
You should as well go ahead and tell the world that you are the one who called our Daddy G.O. and established The Lord’s Chosen C.R.M. Tell the world that you are the one giving him power, and wisdom or helping him to daily conquer all human and satanic plots coming against him, family and the ministry all these years.

Tell the world that it is the profit of the two or three books you compiled that the G.O is using to sponsor the Foreign Mission, Crusades within and outside Nigeria almost every week and buying fellowship centers across the world.
Remember you told me sometime last year that you would like Daddy G.O to compensate you by giving you one of his daughters ( I don’t know the particular one you were referring to) as a wife for all your labour in the church.
 I counseled you as follows:
1. We don’t  work for God with the aim of marrying Daddy G.O’s daughter.
2. That type of marriage arrangement is unscriptural and Daddy G.O who preaches, believe and practicing the whole truth of God's word can never be party to such type of arranged marriage.
3. That a real child of God do not make people  match-makers in the area of marriage.
Please be sincere to yourself and tell the world the truth. Are you sure these your recent media attacks on the Lord’s Chosen C.R.M. and the General Overseer is not because of your failed attempt to force your way into such unscriptural marriage? Beware and repent! God who called our Daddy G.O is watching you and your likes: for  it is written in first Samuel Chapter Two Verse Three  "Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogance come out of your mouth: for the Lord is a God of knowledge and by him actions are weighed" And in Daniel 5:27 its says "... Tekel; thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting"  You may decide to retrace your step to avoid God's wrath and anger for touching God's anointed. (Ps.105:15)

Pst. Ebi Nurseman Isaac


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