NAME: Brother Kehinde Martins (Dr.)

JOINED: 17 April 2017

I am a Neurosurgeon, I lost my sight as a result of a bomb blast in Jos in 2013.

My eyeballs were actually bulging out. Receiving medical care wasn't easy as the whole place was in chaos. After the optometry I was told by the doctor that my cornea had melted and my optic nerves were dead so I can't see again.

I was hopeless and helpless with nowhere to go. I became a beggar on the streets of Jos, begging to feed. I was begging for almost a year before God used a girl, Comfort to bring me out from the streets. She is a university student, she took care of me for almost 2 years.
The burden was too much for her with debts and her friends mocked her.

I then remembered I used to hear of Pastor Lazarus Muoka when I was in medical school.

So I took the decision to come down to Lagos to look for him so I could receive my sight. On 13th April I lied to her that I was going to Lagos to look for my family.

In actual fact, I'm an orphan with only a twin sister Taiwo whom I lost contact with 2 years before the bomb blast.

We went to the park with no money  but God used a young man to pay for my ticket. When I got to Lagos, I told them at the park that I was looking for Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

They put me in a bus and they made me believe I was going to The Lord's Chosen but they took me to Maroko, close to the beach and absconded with my belongings.

Luckily a Hausa boy saw me and after explaining my situation to him he took me to his house, fed me and I  slept there for the night. In the morning, he took me to Costain and helped me board a bus going to Ijesha. I was at Ijesha standing, stranded asking to see Pastor Lazarus Muoka.

A man held my hand and asked me why I wanted to see the G.O. and I told him I was blind. The brother held my hand, told me he is a Chosen and handed me to the brother that brought me to the church auditorium. A Pastor interviewed me to be sure of my story. 

They spoke to the young woman who had been helping me over the phone and asked her if she will become a Chosen if I'm healed.

After the call the brother held my hands and said since I believe in the God of Chosen and His miracles, he took me to the altar and asked me to roll on the altar to thank God for the healing. 

The brother joined me in rolling on the altar, crying. I scattered the chairs in the auditorium while rolling. A brother even asked me why I was rolling, not knowing I was blind but I kept rolling.

Then immediately, I saw a spark of light. I thought it was a coincidence but as I rose up, I noticed that I could SEE! 

 I could see the bulbs on the pulpit and I counted them. The brother with me hearing me say I could see, rose up and came towards me.

He was wearing a green cloth which I later realized was the apron. I also got to see our Daddy  G.O. who I now call Pastor Dr Lazarus Muoka.

They called the young woman who had been helping me. She is a Christian but doesn't believe in miracles. They paid for her transport to Lagos. 

She was surprised that I could see I even saw the numbers on her shirt. She immediately declared herself a Chosen.

The Welfare Department has helped me immensely with prayers, medications, feeding, in all areas.

My advice to everyone is that Chosen is another home, like Heaven on earth. I just rolled on the floor with no prayers, no one touched me. This is not voodoo, it is not magic. It is  a MIRACLE!!

I'm also praying to God of Chosen to locate my sister Taiwo and bring her to me.


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