DATE:  9TH APRIL, 2017

TEXT: Malachi 1:6-10, Matthew 22:35-40, Romans 8:35-39, 1 John 4:7-12, Revelation 2:4


The first commandment is that we should love God with all our heart. Matthew 22:37. The question you have to ask yourself is the love of God you have, is it with all your heart, soul and mind?
Every Chosen or believer should show the evidence of the love of God. God Almighty has showed His great love towards us, His love toward us is a special one. John 15:16, Romans 5:8
The fact that you are a genuine child of God or a real child of God is not only by professing it with the mouth, it is not enough to say we love God or we have the love of God but it is not really seen in you.

Many people claiming that they love God without demonstrating it is practically a false claim. The Lord is asking you today, where is the love of God in practical demonstration? Revelation 2:4. Many people have abandoned their love of God.

We shall consider the following sub-headings:
1. AN URGENT DEMAND AND REASONS: Our Father in heaven is demanding His love from us. Anyone that doesn’t have the love of God is a sign that he/she doesn’t have the spirit of God. If you don’t have the love of God, you cannot make yourself available for the work of God. God is demanding His love from the church. He equally demands His love in the area of service. God’s love conquers all. All that God has given us today free of charge is because of His love. John 3:16.

Jesus died for all human race, both Jews and Gentiles. Anybody that claims to have love wont limit that love to just his/her friends. We should show love to God above whatever we are going through.
Job suffered terribly but there was never a time He spoke against God or did evil against God. At the end, God blessed him better than his previous state. If you are claiming to love God only when things are good, the Lord is telling you that it is not right, love Him unconditionally. Romans 8: 35-38,39.

People claim to love God but they exhibit nonchalant attitude and character in church, they mess the house of God, litter the compound, spit on the floor of the church.
The love of God covers everywhere, so if we love Him we have to cover every area of His service. Brethren, if you love God, I don’t need to compel you to do His service and work for him. 1 Corinthians 13:4.

1 Corinthians 1:26-29, Mark 10:28
The Apostles left all and followed Christ, now that is love. Acts 2:44-46, Luke 10:30 The evidence of loving our church is that we give our time and talent, we must find something to do in the service of God. If you love somebody, you will not see the wrong the person has done, even if the person has done you evil, you will continue to show love to that person even though they are at fault you have to show that you love that person.
We also show that we love God in giving and sowing seeds, God will not abandon us. Let us be zealous, keep to time, attend all the fellowship in the week, attend workers meeting if we claim to love God.



Unknown said…
Powerful message inspired by the Lord.
Unknown said…
Help us oh Lord!

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