With great joy, I welcome you all (Blessed Seeds) into this new month, the month of April, which is the fourth month of the year in the secular calendar and the month of Fruitfulness and Multiplication in The Lord's Chosen Calendar.
It is a thing of joy having seen the end of the first three months. I appreciate God for bringing us into the beginning of another quarter and a new month.
In this new Month, you shall be fruitful in all you do, that ugly situation in your life is receiving divine attention now, there shall be unlimited joy in your families, men shall bless you beyond measures, there shall be no loss again, everything about you shall define the reality of God, anyone that will sponsor you tears shall cry your cry, that admission you're looking for shall be granted to you, you shall be gainfully employed, My God even the God of The Chosen shall be your Glory in Jesus' Name!
Go and do Exploits!


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