The above is the confession of Bro Monday popularly known as  'MONDAY SORROW TO JOY'. He was synonymous with sorrow before joining Chosen. He's almost settled with nothing after several years of serving his master. His journey to stardom started immediately he joined the Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries.

This young man was mocked by many. He's an object of aversion to friends and people that were in the same line of business with him. In fact, he's treated with disdain. His beggarly state can't be quantified.

One notable trait in him was his Open handedness, he was always giving to God. In one of the programs titled, from Sorrow to Joy, he bought the Apron for the program and wore it to the market. People around him nicknamed him after the title of the programme but, God who knows a humble heart and those that loves Him was moved in His throne. He turned things around for him, his blessings came from all quarters, his business blossomed to the extent that those who mocked him came to show Obeisance. He's like a King now amongst them.

Not just that, God blessed him with cars and other material things. He's also blessed with a beautiful wife - a true definition of real pulchritude. This marital status of his was recently blessed with a bouncing baby boy, who was presented before the God of Chosen in appreciation to what he did for him last sunday, 26/03/2017 at TheLordschosen Int'l H'quarter Lagos.

Photo speaks of him and the family during the dedication and after the dedication.

Have people castigated you or relegated you to the background and even yelled at you and call you names because of your condition? May be you've wetted your pillow because of that ugly situation? Don't cry again again, the God who erased the sorry state of Bro Monday and made him a celebrity will visit you shortly, as we are publishing his testimony, yours shall be the next to be published in Jesus' name.



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