ONLINE CREW: 14 years down the lane, how will you describe these years, these 14 years of the Ministry? Are there additional branches that you have.

RESPONSE: By the special grace of God, I can say that God has been so wonderful to us. Every year we record more advancement in the branches and every end of the year we move forward, we are not going backwards. Our branches are increasing; the number of the brethren is increasing numerically and also spiritually. We are seeing them established and having assurance of the bible, being more focused on the vision and the mandate which God has given us. So we can say God has done wonders for us in these 14 years.

ONLINE CREW: What are Nigerians expected to see in your January programme next year and what is the theme?

RESPONSE: The theme is “WHAT GOD HAS DETERMINED SHALL BE DONE.” I want you to understand that God has a lot of things in stock for the people who will come to this programme. I have assurance that as many who shall visit there without salvation shall be saved. Those who are not sanctified shall be sanctified, those who are not baptized in the Holy Ghost shall be baptized and with all the fruit and gifts of the Spirit.  We are sure that impossibilities in the lives of the people shall be made possible because God Almighty who is the only one that has answers to the problems of man has made a promise that says “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” So in this coming programme, the blind shall go home totally free, they shall see. The lame shall walk; the deaf and dumb shall speak and hear and as many that are bound and oppressed by the devil shall be loosed. God Almighty is going to break the yoke of barrenness in the lives of people. No matter the problem that people will come with, in this programme, God will give them solution. In this time of economic recession in Nigeria, God Almighty is going to bless His people because He is the omnipotent God. That is why He said that “In the time of economic recession, we shall laugh,” because our supply comes from above. In this coming programme, God is going to bless His people and as a result I believe that the people of Chosen will have no reason to talk about economic recession. They are going to be blessed spiritually, materially, financially and otherwise. I believe that God is going to do wonders in your life in this coming programme. In fact, this programme shall be the GREATEST.

ONLINE CREW: You just mentioned the recession and it is very obvious that the situation in the country now is very critical to the extent that the Government is confused. Are there solutions that Men of God like you Sir can proffer to the Government?

RESPONSE: As long as Nation's building, progresses or solving problems is concerned, men of God have the first responsibility and it is their responsibility and their solution that matters a lot in a nation even though in a nation, they may appear not to be known or recognized. I want to let you know that as we pray to the God of Heaven in this coming programme, I believe that God will do something for this nation. I believe also that men of God in general have the main role to play through prayers because prayers changes things. As you come to Mgbidi 2017, I am sure that God is going to do wonders concerning the recession we are going through. God is going to touch this nation and He is going to bless as many that have confidence in Him. As many that shall call upon Him will be blessed, God will bless His children, the true children of God. The true children of God have no reason to complain of any economic recession at all. So we have a solution, our solution is prayer. We are going to consult God and I believe that God is going to change the situation.

Last time in our programme in Abuja, we told them that “GOD HAS SWORN TO BLESS” and I want to let you know that things are changing. Also, come Mgbidi 2017 we are going to pray for this nation and there will be changes.

ONLINE CREW: The impression everywhere is that the country, with what everybody is experiencing now, it’s going to be more worrisome next year. Do you share the same view?

RESPONSE: I don’t. The problem of people all over the world is that they do not know God as they should. If they knew God as they should, God who fed the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years without any supply from a Government or anybody, God fed them with Angels’ food for 40 years and we are talking about an economic recession of last year and this year. God is going to feed His people as long as this earth is concerned. I still believe that the earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof. Therefore, supply will come from above. I believe that for those who put their confidence and trust in God things are not going to be tougher or harder for them rather things will change for good for them because God is sitting on the throne.

ONLINE CREW:  January this year, you told us that the President of Nigeria, President Mohammed Buhari will visit the Event in January but we didn’t see him to the extent that most of us reported on that. Who are you expecting in your January 2017 programme?

RESPONSE: The Vice President was at the Abuja programme and if the Vice President was in the programme, I want to let you know that it’s as if the Government was also in the programme. We have been giving out invitations and we believe that God Almighty will touch the people that shall come and they shall be blessed. I know the invitations have been given out as I informed them too. So, we believe that all those we invite will be coming.

ONLINE CREW: In recent times, we can see that there has been an increase in violence and problems all over the world. We see some nations are coming together. Recently, the United Nations took a decision against Israel. In what way do these things point to the end of the world?

RESPONSE: It is very clear that what is happening is a sign of the end time. In the last days, perilous times shall come, difficult and dangerous times. There will be crisis, earthquakes and pestilences. All these things characterize the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ and it is very near. As these prophecies are being fulfilled, it is a sign for us children of God to be aggressive in preaching the gospel, ensuring that people will know the Lord and be saved. So when the trumpet sounds they will not miss the rapture. Whatever you see here in the country and all over the world are signs that the coming of the Lord is at hand. These promises have been made and we are seeing it happening. So everybody should draw closer to God and they should stop behaving as if the pestilences, diseases or dangers and troubles in the world today are just man-made. They are not man-made, they are the prophecies that must be fulfilled and we can see them getting fulfilled. When we see these things, we should draw close to Him and look up unto Him. We should continue in our publications to let them know that the coming of the Lord is at hand. So let them return to the Lord and God will bless them.

ONLINE CREW: What can you say concerning the religious crisis rocking the southern part of Kaduna?

RESPONSE: Well, it still boils down to the end time. As part of the signs of the end time, there shall be persecutions, trials, violence here and there. So all of these point to the prophecy of the end time.

ONLINE CREW: In 5 days, 2016 will come to an end and we will enter 2017. What is your message to Nigerians?

RESPONSE: My message for Nigerians is that all of them should seek God and pray. Everyone that is a Christian should pray and those who are not Christians should draw close to Him, be born again and begin to seek the face of God. Only God has the solution to our future in Nigeria, the world and our making heaven at last. I am assuring you that if everyone in Nigeria is born again, all these problems of economic recession would not be there. God from heaven will take care of us because when the children of Israel were in Goshen and God wanted to take His people out of Egypt, while the calamities were coming upon the Egyptians none of them came to the Israelites.

ONLINE CREW; The Mgbidi 2017 Crusade is assuredly to be the mother of all crusades. What is the reason for this?

RESPONSE: Well, almost the whole world would be converging at Mgbidi hence, it is a unique programme. I want to let you know that things you have not experienced before will be experienced. God will come down in His power fulfilling the prophecy of that place because he said, “In the last days, the mountain of the Lord shall be established on top of the mountain and all nations shall flow into it. This Ministry is that mountain and Mgbidi is the physical mountain where we gather. When we come there, God said that all problems will be taken away. This is what makes it unique.

QUESTION: Please let me take you down memory lane as today is the 14th year Anniversary of this great Movement. Are there any challenges you have gone through within these 14 years?

RESPONSE: There have been a lot of challenges. If you have been following this Ministry you would have seen us appear in Newspapers when some fraudsters pretending to be Christians come to the Church. From time to time, they strike out and paint the Church in a very negative way because they could not get what they were looking for. It has happened severally because we don’t give restrictions in the Church, everyone is allowed to come to Church. So some of these people see it as an opportunity to launch attack making negative posts on YouTube and the internet because they didn’t get what they were looking for. However, God has said, “I will build my Church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it.” These are the challenges we are facing and every other challenges are all subject to solution by God Almighty.

ONLINE CREW: Can you tell us specifically why the special focus on your 14th Anniversary? There was no special mention of your 13th Anniversary, I know of your 10th Anniversary but why the special focus on your 14th Anniversary?

RESPONSE: Oh, that is a double perfection. God Almighty has really proved that He called us to this Ministry and He has brought us to a kind of stabilized form. And we can say, “This God you are wonderful with what you have done in these 14 years. I can say that in these 14 years we have attained a height of maturity unlike what we saw at the beginning, some years back. Now we can say that God has done a lot of things in our lives. Every member of Chosen is happy and serving God with the assurance of making heaven at last. I give God all the glory that we have attained this height in our 14 years of operation.

ONLINE CREW: That would be all for now, thanks. Keep up the good works you're doing for the Lord. May God continually increase you.




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