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It is a well known fact that the contemporary society which we live in has evolved over time. Gradually but consistently, it is losing touch with moral values. This is because the evil agenda of the devil is to infiltrate the home and corrupt the character of humans.

The enemy is devising and unleashing every evil dart in his arsenal to plant unhappiness within the family unit - as evident in the many cases of separation and divorce prevalent all over the world.
The concern here is that without peace and happiness in the home, it becomes nearly impossible to serve God joyfully, peaceably, acceptably and in all godliness and righteousness.
Of course, the untoward effect for not serving God in the aforementioned manner is colossal.

Therefore, this book, BUILDING A HAPPY HOME aims at stemming this decadent trend of unhappiness from further permeating the Home, thereby preserving the sanctity and credibility of marriage and family as represented by the Home.

The book provides answers to numerous questions that border on joy and happiness in the contemporary home with emphasis on entrenching solid moral and spiritual values thereby uprooting materialism and decadent drifts.

The ultimate benefit of BUILDING A HAPPY HOME is creating a peaceful home setting where THE MOST HIGH GOD reigns supreme!

Mummy Joy Muoka is the wife  of Pastor Lazarus Muoka, The General Overseer of The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement - the movement through which THE HOLY SPIRIT  ignited the very first major revival in the 21st Century AD; the non-stop Power-As-Of-Old Revival with the irrevocable mandate of winning 10 billion souls into the kingdom of Christ.
Mummy Joy has been radically influenced by the revival going on at The Lord's Chosen. She shares her experiences and blessings through books and other media. To the praise of God's glory, THE FAVOURED WOMAN is her first published work, BUILDING A HAPPY HOME is the second!

This book is a must have for all. Grab your own copy today. Buy as many copies as you can, you can give to your loved ones during the forthcoming festive season.

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