Bro. Celestine testified that he joined the Lord's Chosen in 2004 when he reluctantly followed a Chosen Brother who invited him. He testified further that when he was building a house in his village in 1994, his uncle, a notorious native doctor went and buried an evil object in the foundation, as a result of that, his business became crippled because he lived in America for many years. He said he went to many churches looking for solution to the problem without any result. While all this was going on, his sister invited a prayer group from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal who after intensive prayers, informed him that they identified a man who was fighting them spiritually while they prayed. They requested for a thread with which they would tie the man. As thread could not be immediately found, one of them removed thread which was used to make her hair and with this, they tied a piece of candle and put in a bottle. They thereafter informed our Brother that they have caged the man.

However, three weeks later the native doctor was overheard telling somebody that the prayers of the Catholic Charismatic Group had re-freshened him as he was looking younger and he solicited for more of the prayers. Our Brother became confused with this development until he joined the Lords Chosen in 2004. A Chosen Brother had invited him but due to the confusing situation, he was very reluctant to honour the invitation. He however succumbed and accompanied the Brother on a Thursday, during Counselling and deliverance service. He said in the course of the service, the General Overseer gave a word of knowledge concerning him as follows:
"There is a young man here, an only son, who had been under serious diabolical spiritual attacks for years from the village. I want to tell you that today, the battle is over"
Our brother said immediately after this word of knowledge, thunder went to his village like a missile right to his house and uprooted the evil object planted by the native from the foundation. The native doctor became paralysed and blind. Two years later he died.
Bro. Celestine thought the battle was over but the son of the native doctor later became Igwe of the village and boasted that he would continue where his father had stopped. Our Brother continued in the Chosen and after one Tuesday service, the Igwe became unconscious and went into coma. He later died.
After the Igwe’s death, the wife and son started fighting each other as a result of that, they could not bury him. In fact they had to use a troop of soldiers before they buried him.

Again, the Igwe’s sister who was part of the evil mission was buried a day before Oguta Crusade. This is how God of Chosen for fought his battles.

In another of his testimony, Bro. Celestine thanked the God of Chosen for making his daughter to successfully graduate as a Medical Doctor from Ukraine despite the war that was raging in the city where she was studying. She is back in Nigeria and has obtained the Nigerian Medical Practitioner's Licence and she is about to commence her Housemanship Programme.

Praise the Lord...


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