Omg! See The Controversial Thing Church Evangelism Group Were Caught Doing In Public (Photos)

The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Church members have caused controversy after what they did on the road during mass evangelism.
Members of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Church have been caught again displaying on the road in a most bizarre fashion while on an awareness campaign in public. The attention-grabbing stunts have become a controversial topic as many people have openly questioned the morale behind the various stunts.
In a recent outing, the members of the church were caught on the awareness mission somersaulting on the road in pubic view. Many have asked if this is really what the mission of spreading the gospel entails.

It would be recalled that the church earlier in the year faced serious criticism after its members were caught rolling in a dirty water with his clothes stained all in the name of ‘doing something crazy for the lord.’
Many have regarded the latest antics by the church members as crazy and unwarranted.
“Has it come to this ?……..I guess anointing invoke.” someone wrote.


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