Wednesday, 17 August 2016



"The great manifestation of the power of God of Chosen in Sunday publicity in Oguta Imo State ahead of upcoming crusade coming up this weekend"
Truly this God never fail his people, the God's covenant of protection with our general Pastor is still at work.
It happened that Sunday was the grand finale of the masquerade ceremony in the land of Izombe. The people of the community sounded warning to all the churches in the land that no one should come out to disturb them on that day.
It happened that some of our evangelist was assigned from the camp to worship in one of our branch over there. After the church service, they moved out for publicity( unknown to them of what the people has instructed).
While our brethren were on the move, the villagers sent their masquerades to go and deal with our brethren. When the masquerades got close, did you know what happened?? Instead of them attacking our brethren, they became friendly with our brethren. They collected our hand bills and started dancing to the song that our brethren were singing...
They became escorts to our brethren, and the people of the community became disappointed. They said one to another "see o! Chosen people has carried our masquerade away o!!"
**friends, I tell you, this crusade will be the best of it kind. Seeing the way God has already started manifesting His power.
By: Chukwuemeka Nelson
Chukwuemeka Nelson

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