The brother said his case started when he was in his mother's womb, his mother dedicated him to the goddess of their land, whose name is Nwunye Umuchieze Shrine. Through the help of this goddess, he was very influential in the spirit world. He continued serving the goddess until he graduated to the main kingdom known as, BAMA KINGDOM. While in the kingdom, he was obedient to Lucifer himself which made Lucifer promote him from level 111 to 333. 

He said that he was controlling the local and international demons and when Lucifer saw his faithfulness, he was promoted to level 888 which is the second in command to Lucifer. In that level 888, he was given a name called, "Hindus and queendus". 

He continued controlling the national and international demons and also the foreign demons. The 888 level's main strategy was to pull down the churches of God. The four front churches they had in mind were Mountain of Fire, Holiness church, The watchman and The Lord's chosen. They tried to pull down the three churches through the introduction of weavons, ornaments, gold, ear-rings and other worldly attractive things. In the case of the Lord's Chosen, they couldn't gain access in the spirit to carry out their assignment, he said.

They now used rumours to penetrate the Lord's chosen by using Linda, Linda was not from Sierra Leone as claimed, she is from South Africa. And when she came to carry out her assignment, she failed woefully and she was demoted to level 333 instead of level 666 which she was promised on the successful completion of the assignment. They sent the Chosen Mopol (this name was given to a demon whose name is TOKUMBO), which means destruction in the kingdom of darkness. The master tape used by Linda and Tokumbo to pull down the Lord's Chosen with rumours disappeared as soon as he encountered the God of Chosen. The master tape contained the original map, the geographical location of Lucifer and his agents.

So, when the state pastor of Imo state declared and commanded fire on him, all these materials got missing.
When this Tokumbo (Chosen Mopol) failed, they send Queeendaline to the world to come and pull down the church and in the process Queendaline was arrested by the God of chosen. 
So the kingdom of darkness have no hope again, he had to come down for the mission himself as their master and the one who sent them. When he came into the church, he started with the youths and has succeeded in initiating some of the youths. He used to attend the youths programme which holds every first Thursday of the month in Imo state and mingled with them as a member. 

He said he went to Orlu crusade with a mission but he could not succeed. This month of August, 2016, when the church slated her combined service, he mapped out another strategy of manipulation and destruction. When he came to the service, the state pastor mounted the pulpit and the fire there was so much, he could not stand the fire, he decided to go back but, he forgot his bag and in the process of coming back to pick his bag, he was held back by a youth brother named, Bro Lazarus and as he was discussing with the brother, he was arrested and he couldn't understand what was happening, he also testified that whenever he comes to the youth programme, he usually appear with an image which he represents in their kingdom, people saw him as a girl but he is a boy, that same day the image left him as the deliverance was going on. He started invoking the national and foreign demons but, when they came they hanged in the air, he invoked Lucifer himself and when he came, he couldn't penetrate cos the fire was all over. 

He talked about so many ways of initiating people into their kingdom. He said that they use so many methods to achieve these aims. 

They produce Dana sweet in their kingdom and bring it for people to buy and lick and while consuming the item, the person is initiated, they produced Jeans and brought to the market and when people wears it, they get initiated. They produce Azonto slippers, YES and NO slippers. The symbol "YES" means that you have agreed to be their member and the "NO" means that you have nothing to do with Christ.
Again, at Mgbidi crusade 2016, he came there but could not enter the crusade ground for fear of not been disgraced. He then entered the waterside and invoked the mammy water whose name is Nwanyi Mgbidi...... the reason for invoking the mermaid spirit was to make sure that people who goes to the stream to bath must get initiated. The spirits laid ambush at brother's and the sister's side awaiting those that they will initiate. 
They succeeded in initiating the empty brothers and sisters who came there to take their bath, as they could not initiate the real Chosen ones.

The assignment of pulling the General Overseer of the Lord's Chosen down proved abortive, instead, the arrow came back to him. He said that he projected the arrow of blindness to the General Overseer (three times) and the arrow came back to him and he became blind physically. 

He went back to the River Niger where he regained his sight by the spiritual doctor. 

He is 17 years of age and according to him, he has worked in the evil kingdom for 150 years, which means he has since been working for the devil before he was born. The brother also confessed that they attacked the General Overseer of the Lord's Chosen in the year 1979, 1st October, but they could not prevail against him. The brother further confessed that, the church has been existing in the spirit before her manifestation in the physical realm.
To be continued.....


Thank you Lord for this great deliverance!
Adesola Bolaji said…
God of Chosen is powerful and so great. He alone can do this and many more to come.

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