A Former Muslim Who Drove His Wife Away, Called Her Back After Accepting Christ in Chosen(A Must Read Testimony With A Lot Of Lessons)...

TESTIMONY FROM KADUNA STATE – TheLords Chosen Kaduna State

A Former Muslim Who Drove His Wife Away, Called Her Back After Accepting Christ in Chosen(A Must Read Testimony With A Lot Of Lessons)...

The testimony of our Sister – Mercy Issac, is a mind-boggling one. The ways of God differs from ours, He knows how to fix things beyond human comprehension at the appointed time.

Her Testimony:
My name is Esther Isaac, an indigene of Edo State but, I reside in Nasarawa, back of Government Primary School, Kaduna, Kaduna State.

I got married in 2010, 30th December precisely, to my husband – Ismail Ibrahim, who was a Muslim with the intention of converting him to Christianity but, he converted me to Islam instead. This union, lasted for 4years (2010-2014).

On 31st of December, 2014, which was a cross over night, I decided to fellowship with Deeper Life Bible Church to cross-over to the next year (2015). After the cross-over night, it wasn't a funny experience, I started having issues with my husband, he wasn't happy with my actions, he sent me back to my parents in 2015.

When I returned to my parent's house, I decided to go back to church, in that process, I met many Pastors who prophesied to me that Ismail Ibrahim is not my husband. That my husband's name is John. In 2015, my sis invited me to Abuja to see a Chosen Pastor, who countered what other Prophets/Pastors told me, The Chosen Pastor emphatically and categorically told me that, Ismail Ibrahim is my husband. He warned me never to venture into marrying another man, that I only have to pray for the salvation of my husband.
We kept praying until April 2016, though I was not a full member of Chosen church. In April 2016, my husband called me and asked me when I will return back to him, but I was reluctant until one fateful day, he called me and told me he is now a Christian (and a Chosen too).
I was shocked on hearing that, I didn't believe him until his Pastor's wife called me and confirmed the testimony. We travelled to my home town and both families reconciled/reunited. That was when I joined Chosen fully, my husband brought me to Chosen and changed his name from Ismail ibrahim to Isaac Ibrahim.

My husband told me that he was sick for a while and in the course of his sickness, he changed his apartment to a new one. In that compound, other of his co-tenants were Chosen except him, these co-tenants invited him to Chosen but, he turned their invitation down.
They didn't give up despite his refusal in identifying with them. It got to a point that he couldn't bear it any more, he was hearing voices each time he wants to rest, telling him to go to Chosen, he lost his peace in that process. When the whole thing became unbearable, he'd no option than to yield. He decided to attend Chosen Church. While the pastor was praying for the congregation, he fell under anointing, by the time he regained consciousness, he was surprised at the whole experience.
So, he decided to attend one on one deliverance and counseling, that was where the pastor prayed for him and he got delivered, gave his life to Christ and joined Chosen.

As he continued in fellowship, the pastor told him to go and bring back his wife and he obeyed and now we're both Chosen.

Praise the Lord!


Unknown said…
To God be the glory great things He has done so loves He the world that He gave us His son, who yielded His life an atonement for sin and open the life gate that all may go inn,praise the Lord praise the Lord let earth hear His voice praise the Lord praise the Lord let the people rejoice o come to the Father through Jesus His Son and give Him the glory great things He has done.

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