Topic: Jubilation for the Needy (Part 1)
Text:Jeremiah 29:10, Genesis 21:1-7, Joel 2:21.
Brethren, last month God has shown us mercy,and this month He is bringing us into the month of JUBILATION FOR THE NEEDY,God will grant us jubilation in every area of our life in Jesus name,be ready to jubilate because your time has come,be assured that God will cause you to jubilate.

we shall consider the message under 2 points.


Since the lord has given us this month as the month of jubilation,He will surely make us to jubilate in all areas of life in Jesus name,because there is nothing impossible for him.All you have to do is you have to believe He is the all-sufficient God,and also believe in the power of God,Isaiah 43:13, Psalm 62:11, Isaiah 46:10-11. we should jubilate and rejoice because Christ has accomplished the work of redemption from sin on the cross of Calvary, John 19:30, Luke 19:10,John 8:36,Revelation 12:10-13.He has conquered satan and brought freedom to everyone who believe in Him,this great victory calls for celebration and jubilation.

Note:Christ is the only reason for jubilation, so you must accept Him in your life as personal Lord and Saviour,Galatians 3:13-14,John 8:36, Philippians 4:19,Matthew 4:23-25,so come with all your need through out this month and God will grant them all in Jesus name!


All we have to do is to come and present our problems to Him and believe He has never changed, Titus 1:2,Malachi 3:6,Psalm 62:11,He has conquered and whosoever that come to Him will be blessed and jubilate in Jesus name, Psalm 126:1,what ever be your problem academically,spiritually,financially,materially,our God will grant them all in Jesus name.your miracle will come your way and this is time for your visitation, just make sure you don't miss any Tuesday service this month and you must jubilate before the end of the month in Jesus name! Amen!

For those who are still living in sin and those that are backsliders and compromisers, they should confess and forsake their sins,accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour,1st John 5:17a. I do not know the sin you are into.it may be anger,malice, lying, unforgiveness, envy, killing through poison,or your mouth,backbiting, cursing, fornication, prostitution, smoking, drinking of alcohol etc all these are sin in the sight of God,confess them and forsake them and mercy will be shown unto you, Proverbs 28:13, 1st John 3:8-10


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